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Research on Spontaneous DNA Transmutations

Lets get right down to it. I have been doing intuitive research on the DNA changes that have started and will continue leading up to the December 21st, 2012 date. I started doing work on this because of the crop circles that David Wilcock had a slide of in the 2012 Enigma presentation. The ones I am referring to are the three that showed a geometric metamorphosis of the DNA molecule.  This information presented by Mr. Wilcock is what inspired me to do my own intuitive investigations on this topic.

2012 Enigma Presentation

I am working with a Multiversal team of higher dimensional consciousnesses that span over 450 million universes that happen to be entangled with our own universe.  My higher self is mediating, moderating and coordinating information from this team to me.  When I viewed the information about DNA in David Wilcock’s presentation, I decided to use pendulum dowsing to gain information from this team of beings on when the DNA shifts where going to happen.  I started out by first asking if this theory of DNA changing due to the upcoming changes in 2012 was accurate, and the answer was yes.  Then I went on to ask more questions.

But first for a brief summary, there where 3 geometric shifts in the etheric DNA  in our subtle energy bodies. These changes have not yet, but will eventually manifest by unlocking all of the so called “Junk” DNA present in all of our codes. According to genetic science, this junk DNA coding comprises more than 90% of the DNA coding in the human genome. They call it junk because they currently have found no manifestations of it in the flesh to correlate the codes to.  What the main stream geneticists either have not figured out yet or are not disclosing,  is that this DNA code is far from being junk.  Nature does not make holographic mistakes on things like this.  That unused code houses the full potential of all of our consciousnesses.

What Role Does the Galaxy Play in all of this?

These geometric shifts in the current double helix structure of the etheric subtle energy DNA are going to be driven by certain thresholds in the frequency of consciousness. As we approach the equator of the galaxy, the frequency of consciousness accelerates to higher and higher frequencies. These frequencies will change the geometry of DNA and everything else in our holographic universe because it is all made of pure consciousness. Also because the universe is completely geometric and fractal in nature.  No matter where you look in creation, you find fractal geometry.
Here is a good example of how increasing frequency can suddenly change the geometric patterning of matter and energy.  This video clip is of a scientific demonstration of cymatics. Cymatics is the way that sound frequency can change the geometric organization of randomly arranged particles.  The material that is being sprinkled onto the plate is quartz sand.  Then this quartz sand is being vibrated through a range of sound frequencies that are being transmitted to the particles through the plate.
Cymatics Demonstration
As you can see when specific sound frequencies are reached there is a sudden change in the structure of the geometry that the sand particles are forming.  I know that our subtle energy bodies are not made of sand, and that the frequency of consciousness are not sound frequencies.  However, seeing as how everything is made from consciousness.  Then perhaps sound is just a function of consciousness and this experiment is giving us a macro view of how the underlying structure of reality works.
Moreover, the center of the galaxy pumps out waves of consciousness. According to David’s intuitive research, these waves will drastically increase in the frequency with which the solar system passes through them the closer we get to 2012. So I began by dowsing the interval between the waves.  I can not be sure that these are the exact type of wave that David Wilcock was speaking about.  However, my team of higher dimensional contacts informed me that the changes in the frequency of consciousness can be measured in terms of waves.
They where happening multiple times per second when I did this work back in the Fall of 2008. I established the measurement to be waves per second. So the waves per second at the three threshold frequencies for the metamorphosis where…

1st DNA shift 945,536 waves / second
2nd DNA shift 4,635,344 waves / second
3rd DNA shift 12,335,324 waves / second


1st: 10/9/08
2nd: 11/26/08
3rd: 2/11/09

Keep in mind that these where off by one or two in either direction because I am not taking into account the fractions of days at play. So after the 3rd shift, assuming your where not holding your frequency down (fear), your etheric subtle energy DNA should now be 4th dimensional compatible.  What happened when these shifts took place?  People the world over began to experience what some have called the dark night of the soul. The subtle energies are where all of the memories and emotional baggage is stored from this life time and others.
When the geometry of the subtle energy DNA changed, all low frequency suppressed emotions and memories began flooding to the surface.  During and shortly after the dates I have listed above almost everyone on earth experienced this.  There are many people that have not allowed themselves to release these things that where trying to purge from their systems.  These people are either not going to make it, or are headed for a full on fragmentation of their consciousness.  There are many who have already started to fragment.  If you live in a westernized materialistic society then you probably know some of them.

The Symbyosis of the Photon Belt and The Subtle Energy Bodies

Alright, we have now established solid logic for why DNA is geometric and hypersensitive to frequencies of consciousness. Particularly the DNA that exists in the subtle energy bodies we all have. The DNA in these bodies then will eventually manifest in the flesh. Great, so will all of these energy changes kick in and if so when?
Yes, we will transmutate into the next higher step in humanoid evolution in this Galaxy. As I have discovered researching deeper and deeper into the subject, there is a final trigger that will cause the full manifestation of the subtle energy DNA in the flesh. That trigger is the jump to the 4th density / dimension of consciousness.  Where as we currently reside in the 3rd density / dimension of consciousness.  What then causes this jump to a higher version of reality?  The photon belt is responsible.
It is a thick region emanating from the galactic equator that is named “Photon Belt” because of the high concentration of photonic particles that exist within it.  Our solar system is already well within the outer boundaries of the photon belt.  My intuitive pendulum dowsing now turns up that we will reach a the critical density of this photon belt starting at the beginning of the Universal Underworld on the Mayan calendar.  By critical density I mean the point where our reality and DNA spontaneously upgrades.
According to Dr. Carl Calleman’s latest findings the Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar will start on February 11, 2011.  My dowsing is confirming that this is the point where our actual physical DNA changes.  If you do not know what I am referring to when I mention the Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar then you should click on the words “What is a Tone 3 Jaguar” at the top of the page.  There you will find some videos by a man named Ian Lunglold that explains what a Mayan Underworld (time period) is all about.  You can also visit Carl Calleman’s excellent web site by CLICKING HERE.
As I have already established the DNA shifts first occur in the etheric DNA located in the 14 subtle energy layers around the body. This etheric DNA is the multifaceted programming structure that is manifested in the vessel we call our flesh. Once the low frequency emotions have purged from the subtle energies one will exhibit higher levels of consciousness than they have before.  This is because the subtle energies significantly enhance our conscious connection to the higher dimensions.
A good before and after analogy of the before and after connection to higher planes would be the following.  Before the subtle energy upgrades took place you where tunning in with a pair of rabbit ear antenna, post subtle energy shift you are tunning in with a Direct TV HD satellite dish.
Even so these changes do not automatically change the DNA of our flesh.  This being said, there is a third input that is needed for the programming structure of the subtle energies to be fully manifested in the form of a new light body vessel. Or as the Aztecs call it, Homoluminous.
How the photon belt does this can be directly compared to the experiments in DNA that where done by the Russians over the last few decades.  I heard about these experiments also from David Wilcock in his audio book called “The science of Peace”,  CLICK HERE for “The Science of Peace”.
In one of the experiments, a scientist took the embryo of a frog and one of a salamander (fertilized eggs). He used photons from a non burning laser, and projected them through the salamander embryo and on to the frog embryo. The result was that the DNA of the frog completely transmuted into the DNA of a salamander. The frog egg hatched and out came a salamander.
The holographic DNA signature of the frog was transferred with only the assistance of an infrared laser.  In case you are not aware, a laser is a concentrated stream of organized photons.  This is possible because DNA can exist in either the wave state where it is a probability.  Or it can also exist in the solid state where it is the double helix we have all come to be so familiar with.  The infrared beam carries the waves state of the DNA over to the still forming solid state double helix of the salamanders DNA and reprograms the still forming salamander into a frog.
Why does this matter? It shows that with a highly concentrated steam of photons, DNA can be transferred in the wave state and imprinted on different DNA causing it to transform to the incoming holographic signature.  The Photon belt that we will soon pass through will have the same effect as the photons from the laser. These photons will first pass through our already ascended subtle energy DNA that surrounds all of us, and carry the wave signatures of the ascended DNA into the DNA of our material bodies.
Just like the scientific experiment, this will cause the DNA of our 3rd density bodies to be reconfigured to the more complex geometry as depicted by the below crop circle. The end result of all of this is spontaneous evolution of our species to homoluminous.  It will take more than infrared laser beams to accomplish this.  It will probably take a soup of exotic photons all at the right intensity level to cause spontaneous evolution of the human race.  This will be entirely possible because everything in this Universe was designed to function like a well tuned race car.  There is no chaos, the creators intent is everywhere.

Catalyst for the Polarization of Society

It is also important to note that this third and final shift for the masses is the catalyst for the split, or polarization, of society. Weather an individual is in service to self consciousness or service to others consciousness does not effect if they get these geometric changes in the DNA. I had previously concluded that those holding themselves down at low frequencies would not get the changes. I was wrong, they get the changes just like the rest of us.
The #1 common new ability between people will be enhanced ability to manifest circumstances into their experience. Due to this, those who believe in a doom and gloom future for themselves will begin to manifest mass quantities of bad stuff into their life. This will also come in the form of other negative people who are also manifesting their own bad stuff. This is how they get congregated into geographic locations. By the law of attraction, they are so much alike that it just ends up that way.
On the contrary, the opposite holds true for the optimists of the world. They will all begin to manifest mass quantities of positive stuff. This will also come in the form of other people who are manifesting good. Then these groups by natural law end up in the same geographic locations.  If something happens in your life that causes you to have to move to another location, don’t push against it. If you do, you might end up surrounded by the wrong crowd.

Chronological Logistics

I have been contemplating about the chronological chain of events in our consciousness. If we are going to have increased ability to manifest, then this is the primary reason for the purging of emotions from your chakras and subtle bodies.  They say that something like 90% of what the average person manifests into their reality is due to the signals being sent out via the subconscious mind. If the emotions that are attached to old memories did not purge before you had enhanced manifestation capability, then you would start manifesting all bad stuff.
I guess that this is what determines which side of the fence you fall on, let go of these emotions and fall on the positive side of the fence. Or refuse to let go of them and polarize towards the negative on the other side. This is why holding frequency down is bad. It is the low frequency of consciousness that does not allow these emotions from purging.  This also must be where the 4th density negative realm that I have heard David Wilcock speak of from the Law of One series is able to exist.  These people still make the jump to the 4th density / dimension.
However, they will be separated from the higher levels of this dimension by a very thick veil. Much in the same way that our dimension is veiled from the 4th right now.  I think that this is where the perception of rapture from the Christian mystery schools is coming from.  Those who go to negative 4th density / dimension during the shift will seem as though they have vanished.  Consequently, those individuals who do go to the negative version of this higher reality will perceive that all of the people who went to positive 4d have vanished from their experience.
Could there be any circumstances that could result in a person not making the shift to this new higher reality?  Well there are giant shielded rooms in the NWO and Illuminati underground bases where people may not get the beneficial side effects of the transition.  The PTB (powers that be) have built numerous massive underground cities and bases because they think that there will be some sort of mass extinction event in the near future.  Hopefully for us they are wrong about such events taking place.  I for one think they are.
My most recent dowsing on the percentages of people that will polarize to the negative world wide shows an incremental decrease. I check it out every couple months. Each time I check the number of people who will make it to the positive reality the number has increased. I think there will probably be a much smaller percentage of people in negative 4d than I initially thought there would be. I thought it would be more like 1/3rd. It is probably going to be about 10 percent or less if the trend continues over the next 4 years.

6-9 DNA Upgrades for Some

There is some other info that I have dowsed up about the predictions by David Wilcock that he makes at the end of the 2012 Enigma Video. In the panel discussion as David is concluding his dialogue, and he said that there will be people on the planet that end up getting the full ascended abilities and are able to use them in 3rd density as if it was 4th. He did not elude to the specifics of the dimensions like I have here. He instead just ambiguously said, “There will be people with full ascended abilities before the shift”. The logistics are being assumed by me just out of logic.
I started doing some dowsing about how this would come about. What I came up with was something out of Greek Mythology. It is probably prevalent in other ancient faiths, but that is the one I know the most about because they taught it in the Latin classes I took in high school. This has to do with the idea of emanations of deities. My definition of a deity is an omnipresent being in the higher dimensions. Others call them ETs. I think that this is much to ambiguous. The first thing that pops into peoples heads when they hear ETs are the little gray men. So I will refer to them as deities.  I am just using the word for reference, not so that we can start worshiping them.
In Greek mythology there where multiple myths of humans who took on ascended abilities. A couple of examples would be Dionysus, and Hercules. Seeing as how the ancient Greek mythology was loosely tied to the Atlantis mythology, I think these super humans may have been real stories from the time before the crossing in Atlantis. So these are the only type of historical accounts we can really go on as to what happened the last time the shit hit the fan.
What if at the end of time before Atlantis and Lemuria made the jump to 4th density (their 2012), there actually was a guy like Hercules around. This would be an example of a potential ascended individual. The strength to lift enormous amounts of weight effortlessly would be cake if you could use your intention to take the effects of gravity off of the object with conscious intent.  Then there are the legends of the people on flying carpets from India.  This could be another example of an ascended person getting from point A to point B.
Apparently there are many emanations of these “deities” on the planet right now. For their entire multiple lifetime experience they have lived and died as normal human beings. The dowsing turns up that there are approx. 122,000 of these souls here now. What this means also is that their higher self is also one of these “Deities”. Perhaps these higher selves are simply up one higher dimension than the masses. Or perhaps these emanations are part of the elemental forces of the Planet Earth.
According to what the dowsing reveals, there will be 6-9 DNA upgrades for these people before our critical juncture in the photon belt. Their ascension will take place at the same time as other people, however they will have more advanced evolutionary changes initially.  In the mean time these peoples subtle energy bodies will be exposed to even higher frequencies of consciousness than the average person.  This will be possible due to the individuals higher self having the option to do this.  Once the first 3 DNA upgrades are complete, the connection to the higher self is so much less corroded that the higher self can do this type of work for individual chosen for such a role.

If you have any questions about any of this information, please feel free to email me with your questions.

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